The arrival of the first batch of authorizing the district to Reeve barzeh protectors

Al-Jazeera correspondent said the first batch of Mohajeri alive barzeh Dimashqi reached the town in opposition-controlled areas madik Brive protectors, under an agreement concluded during the past few days between the Syrian regime and representatives of the district under the control of the Syrian opposition. batch 1500 people including armed opposition fighters. These exit comes under Russian auspices, exodus of opposition fighters and their families and civilians from the neighborhood east of the capital city of Damascus toward barzeh areas control northern Syria and comes after isolating neighborhood barzeh about my neighborhood hubs and late April/April last, military action and air strikes and heavy gunner. evacuation to be completed over a period of five days, to begin the regularization of wanting to stay in“According to the official media, and saw fierce factional barzeh neighborhood opposition and Syrian army in 2012 and 2013 with widespread armed conflict in Syria, that a truce was reached in 2014 transformed the district to district interests. negotiations are also evacuating opposition factions from nearby military station escalates. several regions of Syria have seen-especially in the vicinity of Damascus-agreements between the Government and factions, which included the evacuation of tens of thousands of civilians and fighters from areas formerly under their control, most notably mdaia walsbdani and Daria wemadamih sham.