Army rules the full control of the Khalid Bin Waleed camp


The Yemeni army has successfully assisted by the militia men in complete control provisions near Khalid Bin Al Waleed camp-Western City of Taiz.

“News channel said Saudi Arabia, today, it came after battles fought with houthi militia and the coup deposed the last couple of hours and still sporadic fighting between the national army and militia forces coup in an Ocean Central distributor Directorate Centre legitimate forces preparations to encircle the militia coup from various quarters and entering the camp and cleansed, and these battles so far claimed dozens of militiamen, including field leadership coup Gillan Atef; and a group of his bodyguards and wounding two others.

In the vicinity of Mount Han in the Western front of Taiz, the national army units and militia men foil infiltration of huthi’s militia and ousted the coup and making net tens of dead and wounded and the destruction of a military coup in the militia that front.