Armenian army: Azerbaijani side bombed a military installation in “Karabakh”


The Ministry said in a statement: “the hostile offer at 16:30 local time on another provocation on the East side of the seam. Pounding military facility in homing. “

The Ministry said: “the blow inflicted a partial military equipment, saying no casualties.

And the conditions in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh had deteriorated sharply in the 2 of April last year, following the outbreak of fierce fighting, the two sides exchanged several accusations of violating the truce.

And an agreement was signed to end the military operations at the seam between the Azerbaijani and Armenian counterparts, forces on April 5, a Russian brokerage.

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Serge Sarkissian and Vladimir Putin and inspire aliifrosia and Armenia and Azerbaijan with the normalization of the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh
Since then, the parties declare periodically, of skirmishes in the area.

The two sides reiterated their commitment to normalize conditions in the triangular statement after meeting leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on June 20 in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg.