Saudi shares end week trades on low


The main stock index today (Thursday) 22.21 points, to close at 7076.92 points, with 3.2 billion reais worth of trades.
A total of 167 million shares traded shared more than 95 000 deal with 43 companies shares, with 123 shares closed a company retreat.
Secretariat of firms, waksa cooperative, sympathy, and Kayan, walzaml higher industry. Either civil, insurance firms, weazeib, Greer, Mecca, was the lowest. And rise and fall rates ranged from between 6.67 percent and 2.73 percent.
Prof firms social, Saudi Kayan, House staff, and Petro rabigh, are most active by volume, while SABIC stocks, inma, Zain Saudi Arabia, Saudi Kayan, & are most active.
As well as the close parallel AVS index (growth) today down 7.11 points to close at 4925.81 points, with 4 million trades SR, the total number of shares traded more than 200 thousand shares 252 shared package.