Arabic coffee cup provokes us scientists


Researchers looked at the genetic map of the Arabic coffee in an attempt to learn the secrets of distinctive taste and protect them from diseases and the impacts of climate change in the future.
Although it is one of the most important agricultural commodities in the world, but scientists know little about the secrets of coffee cup _ Arabic.
Says Juan Medrano, Professor of animal genetics at the University of California-Davis. “when we started to research on coffee realized that not bye. Little research has been conducted to apply genetic engineering technology to improve coffee harvest, “but now I’m starting to taste coffee secrets unfold.
As the draw scientists from California genetic map of Arabica coffee and is the type that represents 70% of world consumption.
Medrano said “DNA (DNA) is the book of life. If we can understand the genes associated with various features and quality production and adaptation (climate conditions) that added value to our knowledge, they learn will help protect the coffee crop from the impacts of climate change and disease.
Genetic secrets may also allow farmers like Jay russky in Southern California coffee outside the region from which most tropical production.
Russky said “I think that coffee can turn into a promising industry in California # I think if all goes correctly we could turn Southern California coffee capital of the world”.
To achieve this, the trustee needs to know how to grow plants with different climate adaptation.
And decode coffee genome is more important for farmers in the tropics where diseases and pests pose a great.
Medrano says “you can get rid of the pests and diseases by chemicals but the most positive way and sustainability is achieved through disease-resistant plant cultivation to prevent problems.
Scientists say that as far as we know more about the genetic qualities of coffee whenever we have a better chance to protect it from climate change and disease, meaning we can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee for many years to come