The application helps family members to schedule tasks efficiently


Dubai-Arabic news portal technology: coordinating family collectively between all its members is not a simple matter, especially for families who suffer from the pressure of work. Calroo application allows for these families to coordinate and schedule tasks in an effective way, through the participation of all in creating events, assign tasks, and manage shopping lists, and follow up on special occasions with family and others. The application is designed to configure the miniature society of family members so that they can fight chaos and increase productivity, and motivate everyone to help perform tasks. The application is a central place where you can see and plan and manage all activities of the family without relying on many applications. And through application then you can for example learn tasks that must be done, and who is the person in charge, you can also get reminders of events and related tasks. If you are able to do a certain task, due to the heavy traffic or emergency occurs, the task can be switched to a family member. The application can share shopping lists and widgets for the home and sync with mobile family members, so that everyone can see these lists and modify them, the application also provides the ability to exchange messages and photos with family members. The Calroo application is available for free on August _ shop store and iPhone users can download the size of 55 MB from here. Knowing that the paid version of the application provides you with a lot of other benefits, such as syncing with Google Calendar or create special occasions with a family member or just give some people limited access.