“Apple patent turns your phone into a laptop


Registered Apple new patent us, described as a lesion scales “laptops” that we know it all, and makes us to a new style of hardware, maybe it will spread and imitate him the rest of the world.

And noted eBay klarivaid “; on Apple news transfer, that the new patent will make the laptop” MacBook “is an electronic accessory, where he could work in full via phone iPhone.

And showed images of the new patent, he’s been providing a phone is placed Yvonne in the laptop so that works fully supported by Smartphone.

According to the new patent, which has been recorded since September 2016, only now undisclosed, iPhone phone depend on providing a platform to run, be turned into a smart phone, providing a faster processor and a bigger screen, and all the techniques that make the phone actually turns into a laptop.

It is expected that the device is supported by a group of independent means of support, such as extra processor and graphics processor, graphics processing unit, so the phone of complete transformation into a laptop.

And expected that Apple officially launches GTX simulates new patent, which is expected to be named “mirabok” or “HYIP elite x 3 August doc.”