Apple leaves millions of iPhone without updating


Testing company # currently Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system for eyeOS iOS before general release, but the bad news is that the next version 10.3.2 bye will arrive to some sample # mobile # old iPhone means that millions of iPhone owners won’t get # update.
Spin the expectations about the Cupertino company this fall to drop support for 32-bit architecture processors and applications with the next version of the operating system iOS_11 #, but it seems that the company might start early and plan to gradually rid of many iPhone models 32-bit from version 10.3.2.
Next update working devices supported by 64-bit class processors only, which means that it is not compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 excludes for 64-bit architecture with building unlike iPhone 5 and 5 c, this extraordinary step ads from Apple with 32-bit devices near the end and the end of support for millions of iPhone devices and keep them in the middle of the road with the iOS system 10.
The company has previously provided support for 32-bit phones after significant delays, except to ask for 10.3.2 version will follow the path of previous versions limited like version 10.0.3, released for iPhone 7 and 7 plus, but will instead tend to drop support for a large number of devices.
It should be noted that the iPhone 5 and 5 c released date back to 2013, which means that Apple stopped supporting these devices poses no great shock when compared with Google for example, which promised to provide software updates for two years only to lead its phones pixels and pixel XL.
Apple did not reveal how many iPhone 5 c sold by, but shipped more than 90 million of iPhone 5, which means the possibility of leaving eyeOS version 10.3.2 for a million cell phones outside the scope of the update.
10.3.2 version offers a small group of minor updates with fix for problems with third party applications and VPN SiriKit orders for the car, but it looks like Apple has decided that the old phones will not get it, and the users of these phones operating by version 10.3.1 10.3.2 update to get new hardware first.