Angry protests during his visit a collapsed mine spiritual experience


Iran’s President faced angry protests from the victims ‘ families when inspecting the mine site yesterday suffered an explosion killing at least 26 people, two weeks before the election.

Local news agencies showed that the victims ‘ family members were screaming in the President and beat his car while visiting the site in Northern Golestan province, where 26 people were killed in an explosion in the mine Wednesday.

In addition to 26 people, there are at least nine miners still inside after the explosion, but the chances of survival are slim, according to officials.

The rescuers face difficult access to the tunnel at a depth of 1400 meters where workers trapped since Wednesday after the incident.

And believes that the accident was caused by methane Center which fire when workers were trying to start an engine.

Workers and families feel irritated because of lax safety conditions but also because of overdue wages, a problem experienced by the factories and industrial institutions throughout the country because of the struggling economy.

Rohani had ordered an investigation to keep the mine closed for six months.