ancake on top of levy in protest. Murderer get out!


Pancake on top of levy in protest. Murderer get out!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017-08:39 GMT
French thinker Bernard-Henri levy suffered during his presence in the Serbian capital Belgrade to present his film titled “ayloul”, to throw a pie covered with “cream”, by a communist activist condemnation support for NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

Communist activists shouted “, fighting out of Belgrade, Tanjug agency reported.

After receiving another pie, Levi continued to display. And Serbian television and radio has published pictures of the incident.

Lifting one of the attendees sign saying in English, “Bernard-Henri levy supports dead imperialists,” activist was ejected later rule by security agents.

Levy has a known militant positions supporting Israel, best known for his role in what he called “Arab spring”, especially in Libya, where he was a firm supporter of Western military intervention there.

And the last 66 years old, and his more than 30 books, the Jerusalem Post newspaper put him on the list of the most influential Jews in the world, 50 of the Centre comes in 45.