Among the worshippers extends outside the Grand Mosque in the first Friday of Ramadan.

Led crowds of worshippers on the first Friday prayers in Ramadan Mosque, amid a lively articles on security, safety and comfort, stability, and reckoned, roles and filled with worshippers precincts, stretched their ranks into the streets leading to the campus.
And enables the tourists are people who cross Beit Allah Haram worshipers and visitors and pilgrims to perform their worship with ease and ease and comfort and contentment amidst the characteristic services of system hardware and the Government and private sectors to achieve them and provided them.
They carried all the organs concerned by the plans on the ground as her decree, working as one team and recruited all the human potential and the mechanism for providing these services, focusing on enabling access plans sectors pilgrims and sacred remembrance Allah’s House to the Sacred Mosque, and out of it easily, and through cooperation and coordination between the General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque and the campus security force and manage human crowds, so have combined their efforts to regulate the entry and exit to and from the Grand Mosque and prevent sit In the hallways.
And provided the General Presidency for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s mosque with a number of services such as: guidance and counselling service dealing with educating visitors and things to build their faith and guide them to perform their devotions and worship, and workshops for lessons by a number of scientists and teachers of virtue, distribute flyers, brochures, and translating the Friday khutbah for a number of languages and the provision of vehicles with special needs, and create custom portals for vehicles, creating brushes and electric vehicles for the transfer of older pilgrims and visitors, and regulate the entry and exit of worshippers, and creating prayer squares And clean, plus all that helps their sacrifices performance remembrance custodian. And civil defence General Directorate published a large number of units and centers on all seasonal arrival of pilgrims to the Holy capital, as well as on the streets and roads which are used by the performing Umrah and flood towards the Sacred Mosque.
As civil defense men intensified their rounds to follow safety requirements in all places and all housing facilities other facilities which included mentoring and a number of teams and units to all pilgrims access to Mecca, including air pollutant monitoring teams and carbon emissions in the network of tunnels and parking lots, in addition to publishing many SWAT teams and mobile and seasonal in all districts of the capital and central region taking into account the variables associated with the proliferation and movement of human densities and peak times as well as specialist teams to deal with accidents. Hazardous materials.
Civil Defense score raised to support the Haram Sharif to 50 points covering the Tawaf and endeavour and the stairs and zones all Masjid outdoor doors to meet any emergency evacuation and ambulance services to pilgrims and worshippers in an emergency, and identify four sites to evacuate pilgrims who are exposed to any emergency health situations due to stress or hustle while in the sanctuary.
Source: Alhayat