Amir Qassim: We are at the stage you need us a sense of security highly


assured by His Royal Highness Prince Dr. Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz , Governor of Qassim Region, to raise the sense of security in this delicate stage a national demand of citizens by security men, the importance of cooperation in maintaining homeland and the citizen security, reducing the corruption of youth, calling for strengthening the sense of security among the various segments of the society of citizens in maintaining the security of this country, who are an integral part of the security men in the Kingdom, who are the efforts of absolve them to God Almighty to preserve the homeland security part, pointing out that the sense of security is high The true measure of patriotism, and caution , which disturbs national security, which is the gift of God , and is not limited to a person without the other, pointing out that the sense of security instinct, and we are in a time abounded in which sedition, and we have to raise the sense of security in dealing with smart devices and the means of social communication, stressing the importance of the role of the media and society in enhancing the sense of security among individuals. He noted the Emir of Qassim region that security is a great demand, and highly sought by all peoples, achieved its availability of development and growth, stability and prosperity in all spheres of life, stressing that this country ‘s leaders since its inception and unification by King Abdulaziz God bless his soul Ulloa security and stability special care and the Kingdom still make every effort under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and His Highness the Crown Prince, and His Highness the Crown Crown Prince of God keeps them in order to preserve the blessing of security, safety and stability, and that the nation proud of its sons who record the security sense of the high record of honorable communications against the prejudice to the security of Alu N, and we are proud of all pride in strength and solidity national immunity in the Saudi people inherent to their confidence in their leadership wise and the great love of the sacred homeland, pointing to the importance of citizens ‘ sense of their role with security men in communicating the security services for each violation and lack of harboring offenders or cover them with the consequences of the so stop and sanctions in accordance with the regulations in force in this country, demanding to be vigilant citizen greater security and sense of higher than it is, because everyone is in the same trench, and we are all affected by the terrorist groups, and therefore must be highly vigilant and high sense of security for every citizen and do not hesitate The reporting of any person to suggest his actions suspicious in his command, pointing out that the Ministry of Interior always emphasizes the importance of reporting any suspect, and put to the means of communication to ensure the confidentiality of information and informants about, and in such circumstances, the slightest suspicion of any person who should take the citizen seriously and devices , security means and methods to verify the information, praising the role played by all the security men to save the homeland security and its citizens, asking God to be of help to their homeland in maintaining security in such a delicate stage requiring a sense of security and high vigor, and to be good when he thought their leadership , which always thes For them and they follow their conditions and achievements we cherish and are proud of them all.

This came during His Highness the Emir of the weekly Qassim meeting Monday evening at the Reunification Palace in Buraydah, in the presence of all government and private sector officials and notables region, which was devoted to talk about the topic of “How can we develop a sense of security among members of the community”, presented by the monthly Dr. Ahmed bin Hassan, addressed the importance of increasing community awareness of the importance of the citizen as an active partner in the rule of security and law and order, and that the sense of security and development is an urgent skill and become in this age need to , and that for its development requires everyone to get out of what is new in the innovations and new innovations in the world of technology, and follow – up broadcasts and Media means and the means of social communication of incidents and risks of crimes to take caution them and to take advantage of the causes for the development of the sense of security towards it , pointing out that the sense of security positive skill is not incompatible with good thinking and inconsistent with the positive confidence, and that constructive and meaningful cooperation with security agencies and security men including can will be appointed to perform security duties, and that religious and national duty requires us to be security men, and it must take caution from the rumor and sedition and thwart all attempts desperate to hit the unit and meat home, and that anyone who has information, the sense of security forces it Tkd Maha security agencies to prevent, deter and prevent risks and accidents.

At the end of the session open field to attend to ask questions and questions they have in this area.