Amin Taif stands on workflow “Abbas” heritage gateway project


Stop Secretary of Taif, Mohamed Bin engineer will turn the workflow, I will turn the draft establishment of new heritage gate (Gate-Abbas) historic district downtown.

And wandering El will turn “old country market, which was accompanied by agents and municipal projects and services subsidiary and supervisor of the historic district development project and a number of specialists.

Vehicle plan briefed on site, and quickly complete all ongoing projects before the tourist season, boosting business at the site, and prevent the stretches, and provide all the requirements to facilitate pedestrian traffic within the historic area under the guidance of the custodian of the Adviser, Governor of Makkah province, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, to restrict movement within the site to pedestrians.

During the tour, recording a number of observations to develop services within the market, providing comfort for shoppers and visitors, especially as the historic district is the heart of the city, with more than 2000 cessation of land for various types of activities and occupations, as ahab quickly provide and create parking in the surrounding sites in light of the growing demand for the site, including restores luster old market, supports the attractions of the downtown area.