American General: ISIS chemo attacked in Mosul and that’s what happened.

On Wednesday, American General said: the number of Iraqi troops needed to remedy, following an attack by chemical weapons attack organization ISIS Saturday; but it did not lead to casualties among them.
General Joseph Martin said: the terrorist organization launched a chemical weak on Iraqi forces in Mosul, while working with u.s. and Australian military advisers; as reported by AFP.Martin said the Commanding General of the field elements in the International Coalition: “Iraqi security forces were close to the site of one of the attacks, have been transferred to receive appropriate medical care and ensure their recovery”.
And added as Sky News quoted it is currently analyzing the material used, and that there is no confirmation that the Australians and Americans for that article.
He said: “no one died, and good thing he wasn’t anyone” to this article.
Besides the attack Saturday, ISIS launched a similar attack using chlorine gas on Monday, Iraqi forces scrambled-then-the distribution of masks and other protective gear to troops in anticipation of further attacks.
ISIS has launched attacks using chemical weapons, but the number of victims and their impact on small military operations so that bombs and bullets which he called regulatory elements more lethal.