The amazing benefits of Rosemary makes you keen to use


Research proves day after day the great benefits and features stunning herb wreath _ mountain also known as Rosemary.

Many have used this plant aromatic in giving a distinctive flavor to many dishes in different parts of the world for its wonderful scent odor and taste good.
You 88 follows the amazing benefits of the herb Rosemary will wish to use it regularly, according to the website “Kerr 2” on health:

1. increased blood flow to the brain

Recent research has shown that the Rosemary works to increase blood flow to the brain, thus anoxic fine, which would enhance memory and concentration.

2. conserve memory with aging

The research found a published magazine “vitotirabia” that Rosemary contains substances effective antioxidant prevents the breakdown of a chemical in the brain causes damage or lost with aging, the Alzheimer’s disease.

3. the prevention of cardiovascular disease

Studies have found that regular consumption of Rosemary can help reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks _ heart attacks, stroke, stroke _ by preventing clogged arteries and blood clots.

4. assist in hair growth

Scientists have found that massage hair with a small amount of Rosemary protects him from weakness and falling among both men and women, it also improves growth.

5. prostate cancer prevention and treatment

Rosemary contains many antioxidants and alkanosol material, which is a very strong boat in battling cancer cells. Turns out, according to preliminary research published in the journal “plus”, the active role of this aromatic herb in the fight against prostate cancer _ in particular, indicating that they may be after some more research, a promising treatment for this type of cancers.

6. reduce inflammation

Rosemary contains many anti-inflammatory compounds that make it an excellent choice for prevention and assistance in cases of inflammatory type bye.

7. improve digestion

Rosemary also contains compounds promote digestion and thus prevent digestive problems.

8. the prevention of viruses and bacteria.

Rosemary oil with strong antibacterial properties and anti viruses, including H1N1 virus as well as antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections.

You can add the Rosemary to the different kinds of foods such as meat, poultry, fish, or consumed as a hot drink, it can also be used on hair after boil some petals in water and leave it for 20 minutes and then filter it and leave it cool down completely.