Amal hospital in Jeddah last year visit 13942 records


Amal hospital outpatients received in Jeddah last year 2016 m 13942 visit 18%-82% undecided, “while receiving hospital emergency department visit 2653, during the same period. The number of medical laboratory examination 53455 assistance, plus diagnostic rumor 2260, while the number of addiction treatment services help 26064 psychic session of Department of clinical psychology, while social services social service 16415, while the number of visits from care patients who have completed treatment 4919 visit, and those less likely to relapse.

It is said that hope hospital addiction treatment consists of four stages include stage 1 detoxification, pharmaceutical care include, alansahabet and symptomatic treatment, in addition to the treatment of mental disorders associated with the use of narcotic substances. The second phase includes stage behavior modification, and modify behaviour patterns associated with addiction, through therapeutic day program, a daily programme for the rehabilitation and development of healthy behavior, and the third phase include rehabilitation and convalescence, and psychological and social skills, plus learn the right ways to deal with the problems of the outside community, and continue to gain positive behaviors to patient, while the fourth phase includes extended care phase where the patient out to the outside community, and closely associated with the specialist offers him help to keep Recover and develop his life and help prevent relapse.