My alhasinet Najran examines citizens ‘ applications with the city.


Balhasinih Municipal Council held the third periodic meeting with citizens in Prince Hall Rd in alhasinih municipality building in the presence of members of the Council.

And the President of the Council opened the sender livelihoods Hello citizens attend and praising the great community role in upbringing and raise awareness to preserve the nation and its riches.

He said the provision that has recommendation of Prince region of Prince Abdulaziz bin jalawi Allah during the Council’s visit to him at his Office at the headquarters of the Principality of Najran and is raising society on “optimism and not to grumble,” bringing each warrior society think that extreme grumble is the basis of aberrant, ideological security is optimistic and left complaining of anything human could face in his reasoning by saying the Almighty : (Satan promises poverty and commends indecency ۖ, Allah promises forgiveness from Allah and ۗ and allsufficient).

Then after letting citizens come to put their requests and observations and proposals, having devoted so much of the encounter, and eventually the President of the Council closed meeting thanks to attend.

He stressed that the Council Secretariat receives all requests and complaints from citizens all week working time, as well as through Municipal Council networking website @ Baladyhosineyah he will limit what applications are displayed, observations and suggestions during the next Council meeting for guidance to stakeholders that will be followed up by the Secretariat of the Council.