Algerian security arrested six people on charges of terrorism.


APS reported the army forces managed in coordination with gendarmes and national security, of the arrest of six people suspected of terrorism suspects.

Quoting a statement of the Ministry of national defense as saying that “in the fight against terrorism thanks to the optimization of information, a detachment of the people’s national army, in coordination with the national gendarmerie and national security, the impact of quality was the new city (Crescent) in Constantine. Arrest of three terrorists and two pistols recovered three robots for support and a quantity of ammunition and utility vehicle and mobile computing device and 8 mobile phones and financial amount 84500 Algerian dinar and 202400 euros.

“This joint operation comes to confirm again the vigilance and professionalism of the national people’s army and various other security interests, as well as operational coordination umpire among themselves, especially during this holy month.”

Source: waj

Iyad Kassem