Al-jubeir of Moscow: no future for Lion and Hizb Allah»


Foreign Minister Adel bin Ahmed Al-jubeir, the future of Syria with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Wednesday, said after the talks that Riyadh still believes that President Bashar Al-Assad is not “has a future in Syria.” Jubeir told a news conference after his talks with Lavrov that Riyadh would like to put an end to the interference of Iran in the Middle East.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the Syrian peace talks in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan are going well but there’s no need to expand the list of participants in the talks being brokered by Russia, Iran and Turkey.

Jubeir expressed support for Saudi Arabia to make inquiries on chemical attack in Khan sheykhoun, “stressing the Syrian regime must pay price for using chemical weapons, and said that on the Syrian regime to prove it does not possess chemical weapons. Jubeir stressed that “there is no place for Bashar Al-Assad in Syria’s future, and Allah party militia have no place anywhere in the world.” Lavrov said that there are no unsolvable disputes between the two countries when it comes to finding a solution to the crisis.