Airdrops for the international coalition in Syria. And Russia is demanding talks


Russia is expected to hold bilateral talks focused on Syrian crisis on 24 April in Geneva with delegates to the United Nations and the United States, according to the official Russian media reports today.

The reports quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail bogdanov, saying that Syria’s UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura, has agreed to hold talks. It is expected that represents another Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov, was at the talks.

According to official news agency TASS that no specific talks initially, where Russia awaits confirmation from the United States.

At the field level, the international coalition planes carried overnight airdrops in rural Damascus.

ULI post campaign said Ahmed Ramadan and the Coalition aircraft carried out an airdrop Sunday evening near the station (t) South of fields believed to have targeted weapons depots and supply points to organize terrorist ISIS.

He added that coalition aircraft carried out several landings today also in signage, cities (fields walbokmal wegharanig) in rural Damascus.

In addition, local sources in Damascus that “ISIS” send reinforcements to walgfrh and alkoinko oil fields born in rural Eastern Deir Al-zour, erecting dozens of checkpoints in the towns of walshaitat fields walbokmal flyer and its surroundings after landing news spread.

In rural Western forces approached tenderness “democracy” known as “under” today from downtown after fierce class with ISIS militants claimed casualties on both sides.

Military Commander reported “under” the 500 metres distance has become forces on the city centre from the West, after the District of Alexandria and deported about 800 meters from the lower east side.

He: “our fighters dominated since Sunday evening until Monday morning to 19 points to ISIS, militants killed 13 daashia, four of our troops.

Manbij Council sent 200 of his fighters to the military area of the layer to support Syrian democracy at the battle of Euphrates fury against the terrorist organization.

, A toll who fell victim to a suicide bombing that targeted a convoy of buses outside Aleppo to 126 people, including 68 children, most of them residents of virulence and kefraya the continuation of the Syrian regime, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

And after the bombing included seven evacuations of thousands of people from four towns in Syria, is the virulence and kefraya in the province of Idlib conflicting by opposition, afraid that the conflicting walsbdani near Damascus by the system.