An agreement on the establishment of 4 areas of calm in Syria for six months.


Today announced an agreement between Russia and Turkey and Iran, to establish four areas of calm in Syria for six months extendable automatically in case the consent of the parties.

Reuters said: the agreement seeks to provide humanitarian corridors to deliver medical aid and the return of displaced civilians to their homes, and the guarantor States to take all necessary measures to fight the “ISIS” and the victory and other terrorist groups inside and outside areas of appeasement.

Under the agreement, the guarantor States will agree on the cooling areas in Syria by June 4.

Meanwhile Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, said Saturday that the United States welcomed the results of the last meeting of Astana about Syrian settlement, noting that this is not a coincidence that the agreements reached with regards to areas of tension in Syria at the heart of previous initiatives in Washington, according to the Russian “Sputnik”.

Lavrov, in an interview with the tv and radio company “Mir”: “in order to create the conditions for the protection of the civilian population, the United States proposed early this year, stop violence in areas of fierce fighting between the Government and the armed opposition, it is no coincidence that the United States welcomed the outcome of the meeting of Astana, anything with regards to the Convention establishing the safe areas”.