AGFUND “establishes the largest network in the finance industry and support the poor in the world.


Arab Gulf program for development “prize” for the establishment of 14 new banks in Africa, to become banks, AGFUND 23 banks under a plan to expand his project to establish microfinance banks that achieve financial inclusion for the poor, and melds them into the financial system, promote the sustainable development of the United Nations agenda for 2030, raising sums from AGFUND “banks ‘ existing and new loans and creative products to one billion dollars.

Nasser said Qahtani addressing AGFUND Executive Director International Development Forum organized by “v” AGFUND currently in Geneva with the participation of more than 100 experts from 22 countries, the Arab Gulf Programme leads a plan to expand the Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz’s initiative designed to create specialized banks in achieving financial inclusion for the poor, the establishment of 14 new banks in Africa, to become banks, AGFUND, program banks 23, owner of the largest network in the microfinance industry in the world.

Qahtani was drawn to “prize”, in partnership with the Arab Bank for economic development (Padilla) is to create 8 banks in West Africa, in countries under economic and Monetary Union of West Africa, namely Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, AGFUND created plan also includes 6 banks in States of the economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Congo.

Executive Director, AGFUND revealed that by the year 2021 adheres AGFUND to reach 4 million new customer to improve living conditions for 20 million beneficiaries by 1 billion dollars over the current and upcoming banks thus covers “AGFUND with this type of specialized banks, the largest geographical area and population density in Africa, as well as the nine banks founded in all of Jordan, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Palestine, Mauritania, one of the largest networks in the microfinance industry.

In his speech, Al-Qahtani reviewed AGFUND March since launching Prince Talal to establish banks for the poor initiative, and partnerships programme.

And the work of the Forum “prize” fifth development had set off yesterday morning in Geneva under the auspices of his Royal Highness Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz, President of AGFUND development forum participants addressed the role of microfinance and financial inclusion in achieving United Nations sustainable development agenda, in addition to the role of financial inclusion in poverty alleviation by integrating the poor into the financial system, as creative products that were designed at AGFUND microfinance banks, as well as the contribution of the private sector and donors in support of sustainable development objectives 2030, and review the role of the national strategy for financial inclusion in achieving sustainable development goals, also speaking at the Forum Nikhil Seth, Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, the Executive Director of the United Nations Institute for training and consultancy (UNITAR) and the number of participants from the Kingdom and the Nations of the world.

Yesterday’s events saw the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between AGFUND and the United Nations Institute for training and research for cooperation in support of development activities in the field of training in financial inclusion and good governance for microfinance institutions and designing innovative products to meet the needs of refugees and tools to support sustainable development agenda.

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