Agenda paving to change the regional scene


The United States, President Donald Trump to d.c.
In his first foreign trip after his election as President
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, tomorrow, to participate with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States, as well as the Arab and Islamic world countries in
Three successive peaks.
Sources with the preparations for the three peaks of «Middle East» the results of these meetings will prepare for change
The scene in the Middle East, on the base of the broad partnership between America and its allies in the region.
The sources expected to reach us Muslim Arab partnership in the war against terrorism and extremism, all
Largest in trapping policy of destabilization
An American
Security and political and intellectual dimensions. As I predicted play
Erased that what he likes to Arab American vacuum in the Middle East will not return
After the summits of Riyadh.
The sources said that American Muslim Arabic Summit «, is unsurpassed, will provide a broad umbrella
To relaunch the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians.
The sources predicted that post three peaks, the end of the era which began after toppling Saddam.
Hussein and the subsequent withdrawal of American and hiding of the Arab role in the theatres of tension in the region.
They saw the United States in partnership with its allies will return to play a pivotal role in the region through a number
Of files, most notably the escalation of the war on terror, and war combine the security and political dimensions
And financial and intellectual, to be associated with this war economic and cultural initiatives towards youth worlds
Arab and Muslim.
Administration sources confirmed that Trump and in partnership with its allies in the region to pursue an active policy of trapping policy
Breakthroughs and destabilize Iran’s.
The sources considered that deepening Gulf partnership with America as well as Arabic and Islamic partnership with America
Its to creep into more than
To restore balance to the Middle East, and deprive Iran of spaces which exploit
Arab square.
The sources noted that «top American Muslim Arabic» would correct the imbalance that has emerged when she chose
Previous administration policy of wait and lack of initiative, allowing other powers, including Russia, advances to play
The first role in the region.
From the void
They considered the outcome of the three peaks will other parties that previously benefited
And gaps re given accounts that the change would have on the balance of power.
The sources stressed that the Saudi-us relations in the period following the election Trump
A model of a new way to talk with Nations of the world language of mutual interests and numbers, open
Way to be the first capital in Riyadh visited by Trump and participating in three successive peaks