Adjust the three Sudanese stole more than 135 thousand reais in Riyadh


She delivered the security patrols in Riyadh three Sudanese arrested after being involved in the theft of more than one hundred and thirty-five thousand riyals from a citizen after his car parked outside his house breaking and theft and escape before the arrest.

Media spokesman said Riyadh police Colonel Fawaz Al maiman said, adding that the continuation of efforts to combat the theft was able to manage security patrols in Riyadh of toppling three Sudanese nationality entrants involved in stealing money from inside a car.

Pointing out that the arrest came after receiving security patrols operations room had received a tip that three people travelling in the Jeep vehicles to break through his car parked outside his home and profile theft (135312 SR) from within and commit to an unknown destination.

And the importance of communication was immediately redistribute field teams to focus research on offenders and monitor suspicious sites and making plans to quickly oust the offenders, and efforts to reconcile from Allah to monitor one of the vehicles carrying Sudanese expatriate, where it’s set after trying to commit escape, and vehicle inspection found inside $ (58500 SR) she said part of the amount he stole with the participation of two other of his nationality, and the search process continues where the second car spotted traveling a main road Ghabira district, two people were caught carrying their stop and search the vehicle and found inside $ (3300) and eight mobile telephones, and discuss the defendants initially acknowledged committing allegedly erased from the loot among themselves.

Reserved and seal the seizures and stopped by the competent police station under expansion in investigating and comparing their style of criminal cases against the unknown and restricted notice BIP branch region to complete required by jurisdiction.