Activists: killing 16 civilians including five children, in the international coalition raids North of tenderness


The activists said that at least 16 civilians including five children brothers with their mother, were killed early Wednesday by Coalition raids on the village of gun located 15 kilometres west of the city of raqqa, the stronghold of Al “ISIS” in Syria.

They pointed out that most of the victims are displaced people have fled intense shelling elsewhere controlled “ISIS” in Homs province.

Syrian opposition activists had uncovered many excesses committed by us-led coalition, which has been waging its raids against Al “ISIS” in Syria and Iraq since 2014.

On May 1, the Coalition acknowledged the possibility of killing civilians “inadvertently” 352 result of his raids in both countries since the start of operations, but activists indicate a far greater number of victims.

Opposition activists were filled, on Tuesday, to 225 civilians were killed in Syria by Coalition raids during one month, between 23 April and 23 May.

In Syria the United States-led coalition supports, since last November, massive attack waged by “democratic” Syria forces to liberate the city from the grip of gentility “ISIS”.