Activists ask solutions: fish mortalities invades the Gulf waters and are responsible


Each home-Bay Online: after the Kuwait and Oman from the death of large numbers of fish, formed several committees in the Gulf to examine the causes of pollution of the marine environment and fish mortality in the Red Sea, and the interaction of a large number of officials and activists with this issue to reach optimal solutions reduce this phenomenon, central province.

Recession phenomenon in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, fish sales, under the weight of mortality crisis, after customers purchase sizes for fear of having some fish “pickup” in the market.

ONA sidab area witnessed over the last few days of mortalities sardines; what has had a profound effect on the region’s dwellers and fishermen.

Fish in the province extended Kuwait to Saudi Arabia, especially the eastern region; geographic proximity of Kuwait, in anticipation of any contamination in fish, fish sellers confirmed in its market for Dammam city of London-based Al-Hayat newspaper.

Swarms fish floated by waves on the shores of Kuwait, experts considered a natural phenomenon in this period every year because of untreated water, whether from sewer or industrial water arise from electric power plants or water balance of steamers.

Experts and activists interacted with the issue through social media, and were quick to propose solutions to address this phenomenon, including: lack of untreated sewage into the sea, and a strategy to rehabilitate the sea as a major source of fisheries of the Gulf.

This phenomenon is not new; in the waters of the Arabian Gulf phenomenon called “red tide”, and threatened fisheries; because of their toxic effects on fish, which led authorities to warn citizens of fishing in areas of occurrence.

And get “red tide,” by throwing waste in sea water, change the water temperature on marine biology, in addition to a new settlement or strains of phytoplankton.

Her appearance in the Gulf began in Oman, 1976, followed by Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in 1987 and 1999, Kuwait and UAE in 2000.

Their warnings were launched from 2008, which necessitated the holding of international conferences to discuss the case.

-Reassure citizens

Government agencies in Kuwait has reassured its citizens on fisheries in the country, after monitoring of fish kills in the past couple of weeks, said Kuwaiti Minister of health, beauty, after an emergency meeting of the Supreme Council for the environment (Tuesday May 2/May), the results of examinations of fish samples brought by Kuwait Municipality sound came from the official markets.

In war, stressed that the Ministry periodically and routine check all food samples including fish, advising citizens to buy fish from the market, according to the Kuwaiti News Agency Kuna.

Currently working in fisheries affairs body Kuwait 10 cleaning boats goon, Deputy Director General for fisheries Yusuf star.

While the Omani police official said: “the mass mortalities of fish known phenomenon now and then in most seas and oceans, has already occurred in several regions of the Sultanate,” Oman “newspaper Wednesday May 3 May.

I cleaned up the Ministry of agriculture and fisheries in the Sultanate, the port area of the Royal Oman Police coastguard which saw the last days of sardines mortalities.

In Bahrain, the Supreme Council for the environment, Thursday 4 May, he did not monitor any busaiteen coast fish deaths, adding that a team from the Council carried out a comprehensive survey of many areas, fish deaths noticed in that region, according to the Bahraini newspaper Al-Ayyam.

John waters-Kuwait

On the causes of this death, the environment public authority of Kuwait, sharply with salinity in John Kuwait “through floating monitoring stations near Shuwaikh Port and Terminal near Doha port; what’s causing mortalities of fish and some marine life.

Deputy Director General for technical affairs at Mohamed Al-ANZI, body in a press release Wednesday, May 3, the latest data provided by the stations (6 and 8) in June Kuwait, showed a sharp decline in salinity; evidence of severe water drainage information source in that area, adding that the search is to make sure that its origin, the official Kuna news agency reported.

This change, causing fish kills and some marine life in the next few hours or days, ANZI who assured continued to follow the body the current state of these variables and others in the region to ensure the safety of marine life there.

Vice President, society of hunters in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, El safwany Jaffer, do not adversely affect the coasts fish mortalities phenomenon region Kuwait, said in his speech to “life”, “the Arab Gulf waters are affected by heat, in addition to the gases emitted by the Earth and cause the exit of toxic gases leading to fish kills and that’s what happened this time last year to Dammam area; because of chemical waste with the intense temperatures; what negative impact on fisheries in the Gulf waters.

Until this time, “not adversely affected eastern region of fish mortality in Kuwait, but John coast affected by sewage dumping and coasts,” El safwany.

Joint demand began to all Gulf people’s interest in establishing a joint Gulf Gulf Committee for fisheries, El safwany by stressing that fish “is one of the most important natural resources contained in the Saudi Vision 2030 goals, which confirms the interest in natural resources.”