Action of 24 monitors Riad and transmit 12 unaccounted for jurisdictions


Overthrew a work desk, an inspection campaign implemented in the Batha district with the participation of the security services, the number of offenders, as the campaign resulted in the seizure of three violations of article 36 of the labour code, which prohibits non-Saudis working professions cabin on the Saudis, and 2 tickets to the article 33 of the expatriates are working without a work permit, as well as adjust the 12 anonymous newcomer handed over to the competent authority to take action about them.

As labour inspectors carried out an inspection of a medical center campaign Riyadh Riyadh yielded 10 violations of article 36 of the labour code, and in the third campaign on shops selling car parts set 8, as do the work desk dawadmi crackdown on shops selling and maintenance of communications equipment resulted in a single infringement monitoring.