9 tricks on instagram. We bet you don’t know her.


After the acquisition of social network Facebook to share photos, instagram have entered many successive updates on instagram app for smartphones, like feature stories and the ability to share multiple pictures at once, as well as live broadcasts and other advantages, however, there are a lot of advantages that I don’t know about a lot of users on instagram, including:

1) filter comments

If you follow a lot of people who have thousands or millions of followers, that means no doubt encounter many abusive comments on instagram.

In order to avoid such comments you can go to settings and within the comments tab you can filter out abusive comments by activating the option Hide Inappropriate Comments.

You can hide comments that contain certain words you specify, via added in Custom Keywords box.

2) see stories with flexibility

Instagram provides several ways to view the stories more effectively, for example, you can temporarily stop the continuing story by clicking on the screen.

You can also return the story from the beginning by clicking once at the top left of the screen (below the profile photo), either to pass the entire story and move on to the story of another user, you can drag it towards the left.

3) disable specific user stories

If you follow a lot of users, you may notice that someone has posted a large collection of stories which may cause you inconvenience but at the same time don’t want to cancel follow this user.

So you can simply mute the stories from this user over prolonged pressure on the story of the person at the top bar and then press mute.

4) hide stories about a particular user

You can hide your stories about a particular user so that he can’t see at all, and that by going to the profile and then click on the right hand side of the screen three vertical points and then click on Hide Your Story.

5) arrange photo filters

Instagram offers a variety of filters that can be applied to the images before posting, but if you use one of the filters frequently, you can add it so that it appears as the first filter.

All you have to do is go to the end of the filters to obtain the Manage option then you will see a list of filters for the given filter transfer forward keep pressing it and drag it to the top of the list.

6) notifications for the given user

If you wish to not miss any pictures or videos from a specific user you follow it, you can turn on notifications and get an alert when this user posting any new content.

To do this go to file the user profile and then clicking on the three vertical points right of the screen and then click on Turn on post notifications.

7) see pictures you liked her.

Social network does not provide a direct way instagram access to images recorded previously impressive as with Facebook, for example.

But you can see these pictures by going to your profile and clicking on the vertical three points at the top of the screen and then choose the Posts You’ve Liked and it will show you all the pictures they recorded their admiration.

8) disable comments on a particular image

You can disable comments on a particular image when posting on instagram, and through natural steps to deploy the image but before pressing the share button click below on Advanced Settings and then do Turn commenting off option.

9 other instagram applications)

Own custom Layout app instagram to create collages “collage” easily as well as Boomerang application that lets you create small video clips _ attractive can run from start to finish and rewind backwards from the end to the beginning.

If you download one of the two applications already on your Smartphone, you can benefit from it without having to run it through the formal application will show you directly instagram icon applications with just a click of a button you can add a new image.