Here are 8 tips to get rid of toxins “killer” in your home


We are exposed every day, increasingly for many materials _ industrial chemical in food, air and water, more than ever. And while many avoided the chemicals in their food, the sad truth is that most people are not aware of the harmful toxins that were bringing unwittingly to their homes, while there are countless ways to get rid of them, depending on the location of care 2.
Here are eight of the best ways to cite the Elimination of those destructive toxins that bring diseases to Ahl al-Bayt.
1. Beware of what is called “air fresheners”
Don’t be fooled by commercials that try to convince you that you need to spray air freshener _ to eliminate odors in your home. Whether they come in aerosol cans ODS, or candles or spray bottles of different shapes, it turns out that the vast majority of them contain PVC phthalate “.
These chemicals are associated with abnormal growth bad for penises and poor quality of sperm and low levels of testosterone and other things that cause reproductive problems. And if that wasn’t bad enough, they typically contain lighter fluid, acetone (the same component which is the nail polish remover), LPG and a dizzying array of other toxic ingredients that increase the risk of respiratory disorders.

2. reduce the amount of plastic you use.
Dangerous and wrong to think that once your transformation to use plastic free of “bisvinol-A” had become safe from damage that can be caused by plastic. Many manufacturers got rid of A albisvonil-in plastic products, replacing the toxic elements, other harmful compounds, also known as “estrogen activity.”
These are industrial chemicals dangerous to human health, particularly children and lead to increased aggression and damage to the immune system and disrupt hormone secretion levels #. So I always prefer to use bottled water or a stainless steel or food storage containers or other appliances.

3. stop heating food in plastic containers in the microwave
Excess heat from toxic components in food stored in them. In research published in the journal environmental health, found that plastic, both free of the “bisvonil” or A content, contains estrogen activity “, which means that it can disrupt the hormonal balance when hurt in our food or water.

4. caution when using laundry detergent
Most commercially available, laundry detergent and cloth our moisturizers contain many harmful ingredients but which cause injury by # cancer. While it may be a common mistake assuming that Governments have agreed to use as a safe, the vast majority of them, are used in laundry products, not tested by to ensure safety of use in consumer products.
Below is a sample of chemicals found in most laundry products: Alpha terbinol (associated with disorders of the brain and nervous system and loss of muscle control, depression and headaches), benzyl acetate (associated with pancreatic cancer), and pentane (associated with headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness and depression).

5. stop using cooking utensils coated with “Teflon”
Associated with the “Teflon” aka berfloroktanoik “acid PFOA,” cancer and birth defects and heart disease. DuPont was one of the industry’s “devastating” carcinogen, declared in an interview with the Washington Post for more than 10 years, it will develop processes to avoid launching albirfloroktanoik acid into the environment from finished products or factories. “
However, more and more researches show we’re paying a heavy price for non-kitchen equipment, they appear in tissue samples of most humans, in addition to drinking water to more than 6.5 million Americans. Some of the samples ranged between 5 and 175 double security level through the latest research and tests. Simply choose the free kitchen tools “Teflon”, particularly those that seem more secure than other non-adhesive.

6. start drinking water filter
Now tap water contains a myriad of toxic components, including: lead, chlorine and fluoride and sometimes even prescription drugs and hormones.
So we recommend that you choose the best quality of filters that filter water, even if it is just a simple pitcher form, it is likely that than nothing at all (assuming you will choose one not bearing all kinds of chemical ingredients).
7. Add to the showerhead water filter
When you buy a candidate for water, make sure you add a candidate also for the shower head. I know that there are many affordable options simply attaches to the shower head, especially since most of our water now contains chlorine, which breathe and we absorb it into cotton through our skin in the shower; however, most shower filters remove chlorine.

8. sustainable and healthy flooring choice
The carpet has a full range of toxic ingredients including the “formaldehyde” cancer-causing. The vinyl flooring and linoleum can transmit chemical gases for years after they are installed. So you can choose the wood and tiles and bamboo, Cork or other type of flooring option when you renew your health or building your home