8. strengths in Doha “quiver” siege “Ayal Zayed and Al-Saud”


While driving the media pro-Qatar Saudi Arabia’s campaign against attempts to put London at the site of the weak economically affected as a result of the boycott, paid owned economic figures to face any economic blockade, especially from the Gulf (Persian).

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In the report, we review the eight-point supports the position of Qatar against “the siege”:

1.325 billion sovereign Fund: among the points that represent a source of strength, major reserves retained Doha; sovereign wealth Fund has assets valued at about $335 billion. And the International Monetary Fund reach country economy size 170 billion dollars.

2. one hundred billion in non-oil sectors: non-oil sectors represent 61% of the country the size of the economy, amounting to $100 billion.

3. world gas production: Qatar ranked first globally in LNG production capacity; 77 million tons annually, and huge reserves of gas (representing 12.5% of the world’s gas reserves).

4. logistic services: Qatar best logistic services through their ports, continue exporting liquefied natural gas, which has posted about how trade surplus capacity of 2.7 billion dollars in April. In addition to these major ports helped it to import goods which were before the crisis coming overland across the Saudi border and by sea.

5. strong partners: Qatar maintains strong partners in East Asia and its biggest trading partners, Japan, worth 17.5 billion dollars and South Korea with 16.2 billion, India 11.2 billion, China 8.6 billion.

6. investment in the oil and gas sectors: Qatar depend on investment in oil and gas sectors. Qatar’s sovereign fund allowed, geographically diverse and financially, because its economy beyond the stock bubble crisis in 2006 and the global crisis of 2008, which was less affected Qatar in the region.

7. the Gulf (Persian) 11% of Qatar’s trade volume with the world: with regard to trade with the GCC, size 10.4 billion dollars, representing only 11% of Qatar’s trade with the world, with trade between Qatar and Saudi Arabia (including export and import and export) 1.9 billion dollars, with 7.1 billion UAE (mostly for export), with Bahrain only 700 million trade stands.

8. minor effects: report by Reuters, said that the Gulf crisis has negative economic impacts in the region if protracted. As for Qatar, increase the cost of some imports and potential impact on Qatar Airways.

She said that because of the adoption of the GCC oil and gas export, trade and investment ties among weak, would limit the economic fallout of the crisis.

Reuters quoted experts as bankers as saying that the cost of borrowing has over all Gulf (Persian) without discrimination if the political crisis persists.

Source: Homeland