70 countries offering the city’s peoples festival traditions


Four days have passed from age six cultures and peoples festival organized by Islamic University registered pointing of various groups in society presence in the Festival since its inception last Saturday until next Thursday in conjunction with the Islamic tourism capital of Medina 2017.

He said Dean of Student Affairs Dr Sami alhaisoni: to develop events and Festival has contributed to increased numbers of visitors for the past years, expecting to achieve the sixth session highs in attendance.

He added that the audience interacted with about 70 suites participants represent different countries under one roof, including traditional costumes and traditional food, games, pictures and statues that tell the artistic heritage of civilizations and cultures, in addition to various global panels containing the names and photos of prominent alumni of the Islamic University since its inception by 57 years.

According to the Festival’s First Nations like Bhutan States Luxembourg students shares Belize, Fiji, Guyana, Mauritius, by distinct shares a number of Arabic countries with Saudi Pavilion.

Experiencing pavilions great competition and a big race to offer better deals to win major prizes or awards, in Afghanistan briefed the visitors on the contents of the wing shaped mansion which included in it a number of famous foods and traditional clothing, and operators of the wing platform for capture pictures in traditional costumes.

Either method displays the Republic of India Suite depleted groom bike which is famous in the country means, besides a number of popular games and folk dances, as Bosnia and Herzegovina Pavilion featured a design that fits the nature of wooden houses of making students with view of the gardens and barns which includes several kinds of livestock and its vicinity a well drink her residents and their animals.

At the level of global food and drinks prepared Mexican chilli, pasta, Italian coffee, Moroccan tea sweetened couscous are just 9, Chinese green tea, walmiramih, and different types of ice cream and desserts that didn’t free wings.