66 killed and wounded in clashes in Libya Benghazi


Military and medical sources confirmed for the gate of the Center, killing 11 soldiers of the Libyan army and 55 wounded by armed confrontations with moktabar and central pivot «whale market» in the city of Benghazi.

The sources said that the evacuation hospital for surgery and accidents and other medical centre bodies of 11 people, Benghazi, and fifty-five wounded varying injuries among middle and petty and critical.

The sources, who preferred not to reveal herself for security reasons, that some of the wounded received first aid and left immediately, while the rest of the wounded were receiving health services and care needed by Al jalaa hospital for surgery and accident and medical centre in Benghazi.

He demanded a special forces spokesman Colonel Miloud cabled citizens in cooperation with the competent authorities, which closed some roads leading to the evacuation hospital and medical centre in Benghazi in Benghazi.