600 a Saudi request household via «vocals»

< The Ministry of labour and social development revealed that more than 600 thousand registered in the program «vocals», for household, with a total of 605 registered offices and recruitment companies, bringing the number of workers benefiting from location to 61.411 factor and factor, in addition to having more than 40 Grand biography for domestic workers on site.
The Ministry promised «armchair»: «nucleus of positive transformation for recruitment services through a range of development solutions designed to improve the working environment of the sector under the umbrella of this program, which aims to improve and develop the employment sector in the Kingdom by coordinating the relationship between service providers and recruitment companies offices, employers and beneficiaries of the services provided by the armrests, and domestic workers by providing innovative technology applications and electronic services targeted at employers and service providers in and outside the Kingdom».
Assured «working» they seek through the program «armrests» to «protection of the rights of all parties to ensure fairness and transparency, eliminate unlicensed brokers and offices through control of internal and external contracting procedures, providing an electronic platform enables users to access all information and news about home employment sector in the Kingdom, and reduce the average level of costs through the collection of electronic financial control between the beneficiary of the services of domestic workers and service provider». The Ministry showed that the number of surfers «vocals» so far about 10 million browser, from seven countries where the system was launched, topped Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam, the top cities to visit the site.