60, and 5 advisers translators philanthropic Forum reference 14.


Under the patronage of his Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of the Eastern Province and Chairman of the charity in the eastern region, after the fourteenth annual meeting Wednesday for charities beshiraton Dammam.

Samir said alavisan Secretary General of the charity in the eastern region and General supervisor of the annual meeting of the charities in the eastern region, to meet this year has 60 advisors and 60 Coordinator of advisors consulting forum which is one of the important tributaries of the meeting, noting that the Forum featuring a group of advisors in several scientific and practical fields gather to provide the benefit of the participants in the meeting so that each participant chose 4 3 direct and certain consulting one on the queue and schedule choices participants on behalf of the candidate’s Adviser And when meeting him through a special program according to an electronic mechanism.

Alavisan said that all the advisory meeting will be documented and recorded and discharged for publication after stripping it of the names of participants and their affiliates to take advantage of them, as at 5 they’ll translate sign language interpreters meeting events to participants and broadcast channels in addition to the Blind Braille publication that describes the blind subjects meeting this year and the vision, mission and goals to reach his message to all segments of society, pointing to this year’s encounter featuring 160 volunteers including 12 volunteers with special needs, stressing the need to share this Categories in community events and ensure the arrival of her letters to them.

Yusuf Al-muqrin said Assistant Superintendent, enrolment encounter this year 1000 participant 850 of them men and 150 women, indicating that the number of scientific papers to meet six scientific papers arrived while the number of working committees to meet 15 Subcommittee added to the Organizing Committee, where the number of preparatory meetings of these committees 18 meetings, muqrin said that meeting 3 meetings and symposiums around the theme for this year is “PR and media in philanthropy” Add Forum Consulting and 23 meeting Gallery.