503 000 displaced from Mosul. The army controls the new neighborhood


Hundreds fled from Mosul today they hold barrows carrying backpacks and babies and old age after Iraqi troops pulled another neighborhood in the Western City of organizing terrorist ISIS. And even 20 N number of Braille to 503 000 people since the beginning of the process of release the connector from the grip of “ISIS,” returned them 91 000.

After walking for miles transported buses families from government checkpoint in the South of the city to refugee camps sheltering more than 410 thousand people have been displaced since the offensive began to reclaim Mosul in October.

A spokeswoman quoted the UN High Commissioner for refugees United Nations governmental figures that about 503 000 people displaced from Mosul until April 20 and 91, 000 of them have returned.

Iraqi forces regained a large part of the connector of the terrorists organization who stormed the city in June 2014. The army now controls the eastern neighbourhoods and making progress in the West. And “ISIS” fighters are trapped in the Northwest and using booby and snipers and mortar to defend themselves.

A statement said: the fight against terrorism, which receives training from the United States regained control of the neighborhood near revolution.

Hundreds of thousands of civilians still trapped in West Mosul, where Iraqi forces are making slow progress against management in a maze of narrow streets.

So, an Iraqi security source said Salahuddin province yesterday: the killing of one of the elements of the Sahwa tribal crowd East of Tikrit, 170 km north of Baghdad.

The source said: “a member of the clan crowd killed by a roadside bomb in the Jabal hamrin mountain 40 miles northeast of Tikrit Saturday morning while trying to rescue families crowd elements running from Mosul to Kirkuk, controlled by” ISIS “flag to Salahuddin province controlled by Iraqi security forces.”

As deserters there are dozens of corpses and skeletons in the Jabal hamrin mountains spent their owners either bombings or armed attacks or thirsty after they strayed into the mountain valleys.