5 tips to overcome the spring allergy


Associated spring, which begins on March 21 of each year, the spring allergy patients suffering or pollen allergy #, whose most prominent symptoms on runny nose, # tear _ eyes # sneezing and coughing and itching # # nose and eyes, shortness of breath, and constitute a real nuisance may last until the eve of the summer.
She said the American Academy of allergy, asthma and Immunology, allergy pills _ _ # vaccine according to the Anatolia news agency quoted, can affect people of all ages, especially children, which could affect daily life, like sleeping through the night and productivity during the day, and the ability to spend time outdoors.
She added that avoiding exposure to pollen, the best way to cope with allergies, it could be alleviated by medication and immunotherapy, recently issued 5 recommendations for overcoming # sensitivity _ spring and disturbing symptoms:

1. reduce picnics.
Launches the trees in spring billions of small pollen in the air, which is about “icing” located within # flowers, when a person breathes and attaches these pills in nose and lungs, # can lead to a fumble, so stay at home can help a person overcome the problem, especially when the gusts of air during the early morning hours when setting up the pollen in the higher echelons.
But if I had to go out wearing a hat and glasses is recommended to protect # eye, nose of pollen carried by weather, in addition to close the glass car Windows when you ride it and run the air conditioning with pollen filter, who prefers to be replaced annually, adding to the supply room Windows to block out the pollen.
2-trapping effects of allergens
Be sure to wash your hair and replace your clothes you were wearing outside the House once back home, to avoid allergies _ irritation during the night #, with washing the hair thoroughly, especially before going to sleep, so don’t sneak up pollen into the pillow and eye or nose. He also recommends washing the nose by inhaling water regularly.
If you have a pet _ animals # at home, make sure you wash or wipe their fur every time you step outside of those animals from home, otherwise percolate through pollen into the House.

3. proactive protection
Simple changes can be made at home but might make a difference however, close all Windows prevents pollen from entering the House, instead, you can use air to cool the House.
And you can take off the shoes at the door of the House and the demand of the guests do the same movement, the survival of allergens outside, and are advised to clean the floors with a vacuum cleaner to suck all the microscopic particles of the place.
4. precautionary measures
Can someone address # medicines at the beginning of the spring, before showing symptoms of tear eyes, sneezing, and in this way would be medications exist in a person’s body when needed.