4 cups of coffee a day is not harmful to health.


Concluded that a group of scientists and doctors to the conclusion that the average person to the quantity of coffee # up to four cups a day is not harmful to health, and does not negatively affect the person, contrary to many previous medical warnings she was talking about the serious adverse effects of intake of coffee.
And scientists found doctors who had conducted a comprehensive review of the long list of previous studies that have 400 g # caffeine daily had no negative effects on public health, which is equivalent to four cups of coffee, either pregnant women eating up to three cups or 300 grams a day of caffeine does not constitute any harm on # health.
Report by the British Daily Mirror newspaper, a group of scientists conducted reviews for 740 study conducted during the period from 2001 until the year 2015 and covered in coffee effects on human health, and concluded that the results are good news for coffee lovers and her lovers.
As to the surprise findings # scientists from all this mass of studies concerning coffee is it also not harmful to children, contrary to popular belief among people, provided they do not exceed the quantity consumed caffeine 2.5 g per kg of the weight of the baby, a child weighing 20 kg should not deal with more than 50 grams of caffeine per day, equivalent to half a cup of coffee per day only.
This information on energy drinks, the drinks contain large amounts of caffeine, the amount of 250 ml of drink “Red Bull” famous contain 80 grams of caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee or a little less, meaning that children can eat small amounts.
In conclusion, published in specialized scientific journal warned doctors that exceed these quantities of caffeine and coffee can have a negative impact in five areas of human health, the first acute poisoning of the body, the second effect on bones and calcium ratios in the body, the third and fourth influencing # cardiovascular, and finally influencing human behaviour and reproductive capacity