32 a relative newcomer to leave Saudi Arabia. And 100 000 stop campaigns against


The Saudi Interior Ministry revealed < leave more than 32 thousand offenders for residence and employment since the beginning of the campaign «no homeland against», but its activity on offenders never ceases, leaving about 100 000 illegal restraint during the same period.
The head of the staff in the General campaign matsuyamakenichi in a tv two days ago, that «all devices work for the success of the campaign, and review our daily success. The number of arrests during the month of 100 000 campaign against».
In turn, he called the Assistant Supervisor of the campaign in Riyadh Colonel travel Ibn dulaim violators to exploit the timeout and leave before completion, stressing that “whoever does not leave will be all fees and fines, and restricts that is required and could not move, because the campaign targeting all residents should be regularized.
Less than 50 days remaining on the 90-day deadline under «homeland without contrary» that started late March last March, and the last period saw the response of thousands of violators and hackers to correct their situation, especially through the King Abdulaziz international airport in Jeddah.
Campaign resulted, involving 19 governmental, influx of large numbers of violators on the headquarters of the Passport, which receive «in 78 locations large numbers daily, including 16 locations in Eastern Province, 12 in Mecca, and 10 in Riyadh, seven in Qassim.
An offender’s response comes after releasing the Kingdom all offences recorded them and their fees and fines, the most important being subjected to «imprint relay» allowing them to return to Saudi Arabia regularly, before starting to pursue them legally, once the deadline at the end of Ramadan next, as applied to offenders then «maximum».
The campaign is targeting about 1 million, including more than 285 thousand workers were absent from work, they can take advantage of the time limit under «temptations» allows the offender to return to the Kingdom again, the campaign comes as an extension of previous campaigns, the last of more than four years ago and resulted in output and remedy the situation more than 5.5 million illegal.
Indian Embassy official pointed to record more than 20 thousand Indians against their data to leave the Kingdom, including spent more than ten years illegally, the majority of requests came from the workers, wish to return to India and deadline.
Security activities continue in prosecuting offenders in various regions, Tabuk police seized 1891 contrary to regular residence and work during the month of Rajab, until last week, are not covered by the correction notice. Media spokesman drew district police Colonel Khaled Republican White House hopefuls fought until 2025 contrary benefited from timeout patch, since its inception until the sixth of Sha’ban after review and termination procedures.
In Southern California, seized security devices 2466 against during the campaigns. Last week saw, adjust the security services in Riyadh, with 16 against set last month 15 Ethiopia involved in theft at gunpoint.
Implementing security campaigns resulted in Qatif until mid-April April last, seizing 243 contravention of different nationalities. Adjust more than 1700 illegal residency in the hollow in the past five months. Medina police during the month of Ramadan last tune more than 5000.

Saudis interact and demanding reporting violators

< Saudi interaction on different networks with the results of the campaign in the second month, and they advertise «realm none dissenting. Written on Al-ahmari hanging «apprehended don’t represent 5 percent, expecting to prepare offenders millions», with other active tweets prodding to cooperate in reporting violators.
Transit Mohamed commented by saying: «reporting offending patriotic duty», «scourge student not to conceal the violators and reporting on their places. Another wrote, warning «workers12 risk mostly involved in crimes, while chirp Mohamed «all awaited campaign success and fruition.
Include a list of beneficiary groups of each campaign are left on departure from Hajj visa holders, aged, visiting, and crossing (passing), and the owners stay ended before the date of the beginning of the time limit, and by violating HJ without permission, and it communication absence (escape), and hackers.
And also «bulk» employment who hold a regular residence, they don’t tip flight and want to take advantage of the time limit for not knowing their employer, as well as institutional and corporate offenders entrants in the Red range.