Only 3 percent of businesses benefit from the support of «objective»!


< Director human resources development Fund (aim) Dr Saleh El-AMR defects distribution fund because of existing support methods do not go in the right direction, revealing that 12 thousand only facility benefit from fund support, and only 3 percent of the total active installations, noting that being more effective and transparent mechanism.
Amru described during a meeting organized by the Jeddah Chamber yesterday, just domains program, pointing to the existence of many studies being done to achieve the highest standards of justice among all enterprises and institutions.
In his turn, Minister of labour and social development Dr ghufays on programmes to support women in the labour market, which is dedicated to solving transportation problems for working women and other related support incubators, and will be released in two months, as will «objective» in the third quarter of this year, a programme to support custody and transport of women workers, to stimulate companies and institutions to employ Saudi women, to increase women’s participation in the labour market of 22 to 30 percent. (More).
He said: «is coordinated with the Ministry of the Interior on the operation of foreign affiliates operated occupations Saudis instead of recruiting new, organized by the Ministry and the Rohingya community has started, and there is full coordination between the ministries in this regard.