3 new games on the iPhone. Must-try it!


Apple recently issued 3 featured games, one must experience. And reviewing the following:
Poly Bridge
After the success of the game Poly Bridge on your PC, here’s the game goodwill journey on August shop store, iPad and iPhone users can enjoy the game and start building bridges and unleash the creativity of environment engineering design.
During the game you could reach hundreds of hours of fun with over 100 unique level, which will test your ability to solve puzzles and building bridges for vehicles correctly without collapsing.
The game House of da Vinci
Last year, game puzzles and adventures The House of da Vinci in raising funding to initiate the process of development on the PC platform cake Starter for collective funding, now the game became available to all users on August shop store at a price of us $5.
During the game you solve puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape room in atmosphere based on Renaissance period.
And being a promising apprentice to master Leonardo da Vinci, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances, will your job search and find out the truth behind his disappearance, where to start searching from Leonardo’s workshop full of inventions, puzzles and hidden objects and mysterious.
Game Windin
Either light puzzles games lovers can now enjoy a game which will Windin put stones correctly on the Board and ensures you get the three stones of the same color in a row to create a match.

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