28 Ministers and ambassadors receive visitors pavilion Islamic University


Islamic University-visitors stops at the seventh International exhibition and Conference for higher education in d.c.-long front plate outstanding students, which includes 28 picture of university graduates worldwide who trying those senior positions (heads of State, ambassadors, Ministers and advisors).

The University offers through its wing about the University and its goals and mission and various programs they offer to students like foreign scholarship program, the suite of brochures and leaflets and acrylics with colleges and faculty deans and University departments most important scientific conferences, in addition to receiving visitors wing of academics and experts and officials accused.

And contributed to a number of University students from countries: China, Nigeria and Morocco and Tajikistan through a special platform in the big role definition wing played by the University as a beacon of scientific endeavour to publish the Saudi international forensic science and knowledge in various countries around the world since its establishment and moderate average by more than half a century.