16 National Guard chemist Conference


The second international pharmacy Conference concluded under the slogan “search for new horizons in the pharmacy profession” yesterday.

Conference systems; pharmaceutical care department King Abdulaziz Medical City-Jeddah in cooperation with deanship of King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health sciences.

Persisted events over three days to attend the elite of international speakers from the United States and Belgium, U.A.E. and local speakers from various health sectors in the Kingdom for the second time in Jeddah.

The Conference was opened by the Director of Health Affairs, Ministry of national guard King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Dr Bandar bin Abdulmohsen Awatef.

The purpose of this World Conference to facilitate knowledge exchange between the employees of the health sectors and take advantage of the latest scientific and practical developments in hospital pharmacy practice that had developed significantly and substantially during the past years.

Participants wished to highlight the role of the pharmacist is important in medical care through evaluation of the therapeutic plan and actively engaged with the health care team, in addition to its primary role in providing drug information and drug education to the patient which contributes to providing high quality health services and reduce pharmaceutical errors.

He has been involved in the Conference 650 pharmacist from various health sectors.

The Conference discussed scientific working paper 23 through 29 speaking seven workshops were held with Saudi Commission for health specialties adopted 21 hours to this Conference.

The Conference came out through scientific meetings further recommendations included adopting the latest technologies in the field of health in pharmacies and pharmaceutical preparation which ensures optimum security and contribute to reduce drug errors, applying the highest quality standards recommended by international organizations in the field of pharmacy, months to ensure an integrated pharmaceutical care, to develop the skills of practitioners in the field of pharmacy through continuing pharmacy education and training modern theories and systematized management of hospital pharmacy which will effectively contributes to developing the quality of Pharmaceutical services and reduce operating costs and medical waste.

The recommendations also included to highlight the role of clinical pharmacist in all disciplines through its work on reviewing treatment plans for inpatients and medical education, activating the role of clinical pharmacists in outpatient clinics and work as health practitioners who specialize in the treatment of common diseases in the community, leadership development and to strengthen professional skills and communication skills among pharmacists to ensure development of pharmaceutical profession in General and making the future leaders and reduce the gap between education outcomes and labour market requirements alyadallee.

Among the recommendations, too; unite application system alidlih care to hospitals, develop training programs and College of pharmacy graduates, urged college graduates to learn and sharpen skills and strengthen weaknesses and limit eligibility and pharmacies work property to pharmacists.

Participants at the Conference recommended the creation of opportunities for private functions suitable for pharmacy graduates, pursuing pharmacy practice systems for example opiates system and medical security systems in General, work on improving and developing pharmaceutical care in health centres add to modify unified health staff due to not providing the desired functional solutions.