100 countries and thousands of victims of electronic piracy institutions


Last e-piracy victims service widened that struck the day before yesterday 15 States, and stretched to about 100
Thousands of State institutions amid warnings of wider future attacks may constitute the end of the world.
Hacker tricks and their victims to open malware in attachments to abusive emails appeared to contain
On invoices and offers of jobs, security alerts and other files. And encrypt program «ransomwar» or
«Ransom malware» computer data and demanded sums of between 300 and 600 dollars to return the devices to work.
He said researchers employed by company «avast security programs for e-mail, they spotted 75 thousand injured in 99 countries,
In Britain, where she had
, While the more influential attacks
Ukraine and Russia were the most affected, Taiwan
Hospitals and clinics to divert patients.
No one has claimed responsibility for the malicious program. The researchers said the number of Internet security companies that
Exploit part of
Likely those hackers have turned «ransomoar» to the malicious program spreads itself quickly.
Blade of us national security agency known as the «Eternal Blue» was a group known as «shadow
Brokers» revealed last month.
Cyberattack was dominated by the Finance Ministers at the G7 countries in Barry Italy, today,
Cabinet experts to continue their work on the assessment of the nature of the threat that cyber security expert said
Network «sky» it gives an idea of what it would be like «attack
Faron’s roles «is unprecedented, adding
Email is the end of the world».