This “shift” accelerated aging 12 years



FPA: explain some shifts in gene exists at one third of the population of the United States, some people with cerebral ageing faster than others in the study published in the journal “torrent systems” Scientific American.
The gene might speed up to 12 years this aging, according to researchers.

These genetic mutations begin often around age 65, especially in the crust before the frontal area of which includes cognitive functions such as concentration and judgment and sense of creativity.

ASA abiliovich, Professor of Neurology at the Institute of research on Alzheimer’s disease and the aging brain at Colombia University in New York, “if we look at the Group of elderly people find that some members seem older and others more youthful.

“People who have two copies of the mutated gene suck more interested in 12 years based on biometrics, compared to people who have two natural.”

“Everybody is the same until the age of 65. But after this age the stress leads to problems when some people. “

The researcher said, “If a person has two copies of the gene are good it reacts well with stress, but if he has two changing their brain aging quickly.” and signed a scientific team on the gene through his study of genetic data derived from the analysis of the 1904 brains people were not suffering apparently from any neurological disease relapsing, remitting.

Previous studies identified genetic mutations can increase the risk of such diseases.

New discovery may lead to the development of brand vitality to develop treatments against aging and in identifying potential targets for the prevention of age-related brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, the researchers said processing.

But Herve Ryan Assistant Professor in cell biology at the University of Colombia said that “these genes don’t explain only a fraction of these diseases. Aging is the main factor in the risk of neurological atkasi. “The seeker” something’s changed in the brain with age, making us more susceptible to this disease. “