Festival «flowers and environment» in RASS attracts 10000 visitors


Alzuhoor and environment festival attracted first to the letter, more than 10 thousand visitors in the first three days, the morning was devoted to school students, with evening devoted to families.
Assistant service agent and Manager of gardens and afforestation in the municipality of RASS Khalifa Caliph to increasing turnout, emphasizing aesthetics seen allot Arts Corner for the opportunity to show their talent in drawing and doing a mural painted by children in an area of 30 square meters and other equipment for children and gifts for discerning the ceremony, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
He added that there were a number of children’s room staff including recycling, flower and confectionery, and a child screen under the supervision of a number of girls through gifts to them daily, plus children’s theater which attracted a number of review teams and young and talented vocalists.
Successor noted that roses distributed daily to visitors, pointing out that the municipality has prepared a special element of hospitality for visitors and a large display for displaying paragraphs of the Festival.
And on a carpet of flowers, the Caliph daily work to be developed and nurtured, with the number of productive families involved 40 families had five prizes awarded by applying the standards of hygiene and order in compliance with hygienic, Noruega watchers follow exhibits.