«Trade» call 2491 car «Ultima» because of a technical fault


Trade and investment Ministry summoned yesterday (Wednesday), 2491 ATV model «April/Altima» art vinegar can lead to crashes and opening rear doors lock by accident while driving.
The Ministry noted in its statement on the social networking site «Twitter» cars covered a recall of two model 2016 and 2017, and begin their structures numbers «1N4AL3A90GC107932» to 1N48L3APXHC120689».
The Ministry called on auto owners called to communicate with the proxy «Alissa» 920027744 number of necessary reforms.
The last car alwazarh Monday calls for 14.247 UAZ-«charger, Durango, RAM, Chrysler» bug in «driver-blower may lead to the spread of metal fragments case off».
And in another March March last, the Ministry summoned 212 Mercedes «April/Pathfinder» model year 2016 to fuel tank does not match the required design criteria may lead to fuel leakage rate of accident.