Amir Qaseem launches an initiative of the Ministry of environment for enhanced vegetation


The doctor was inaugurated by his Royal Highness Prince Faisal Ibn meshel Ibn Saud Amir Qassim said Thursday in his Office at the headquarters of the Emirate, the Ministry of environment and water and Agriculture initiative, to plant 350 thousand trees in Qassim, within the Ministry’s initiative aimed at planting 4 million trees in the Kingdom by 2020.

The inauguration was attended by Undersecretary of the environment Dr Osama Uddin, Director General of agriculture in Qassim. Salman alsuena, Director General of the Ministry’s natural resources. Akshay.

Prince Faisal hailed the initiative of the Ministry for rehabilitation of the natural vegetation of the local environment and facing desertification, asking Allah to achieve the objectives of this initiative launched to boost the Kingdom’s vegetation negatively several wrong practices, said Undersecretary of environment and water for the environment Dr Osama udin: the Ministry through this initiative was inaugurated by his Royal Highness Prince Feisal in Qassim, seeking participation of interested and volunteers to reach four million trees in the next four years to enhance the vegetation in the Kingdom, the national transformation initiatives within 2020, adding ” The vegetation of the Kingdom adversely affected by overgrazing and firewood, and wild plants and trees, “he said, adding that the Ministry is seeking to address this by planting trees in their natural habitats, such as” cidar, cedar, Juniper, alghda, Ficus, etc, in all regions of the Kingdom without exception, drawing attention to the Ministry proper planting seasons account for each region and type of trees, said the Ministry is seeking a jurist under this initiative to raise environmental awareness in the Kingdom through awareness campaigns and environmental camps held two.