East Prince of martyrs: be proud of your fathers and I am your father


Eastern Prince Saud said Naif bin Abdulaziz sons martyrs duty they appreciated and fondly when driving and citizens.
AMIR said: receive the martyrs today came to tell them: “you in the eye and the heart and the mind, and the sacrifices of your parents and your parents badge proudly on your chest, Hello and welcome in the Council, that I am the father of you.”
It came during the weekly alathninih and the launch of the Prince programme area “immunity” to promote ideological security organized by the branch of the General Presidency for the propagation of virtue and the Suppression of Eastern region, in the presence of Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah bodies sind. “
Added Prince Saud “promote virtue and prevent Vice is one of sharee’ah assignments; in order to janab sharee’ah, and undertakes the duty of society towards some of it, so the State has committed since its inception to this great duty and organized ways to do.
The price of your body community outreach efforts, and urged them to do more to raise awareness of the importance of the book of Allah and the Prophet Allah bless-him-out dimension of innovation and commitment to good morals.